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Marcello Nesti “Mark” you/he/she was born in the province of Mass - Carrara August 6 th 1961, you/he/she has frequented: the High school Artistico and the academy of Belle Arti of Carrara, achieving the diploma in Decoration with the vote of 110 and praise; introducing a thesis on a known artist of Carrara, Luciano Lattanzi and with it you/he/she has participated in the contest “A Thesis for Carrara” classifying me ex equitable to the first place.
In 2002 behind suggestion of the Teacher Lattanzi, you/he/she has introduced the manuscript to Professor Mario Costa, teacher of Aesthetics near the university of Salerno and Methodology of the Criticism near the university in Naples, as well as administrator of a series of publishing publications related to the artistic sector. The thesis has been published with the title Ornament & West The Lattanzi Case (Necklace of Aesthetics, Cuzzolin Editore).
For some years its affairs have been directed in the field of the graphics and the design. You/he/she has participated in different national and international contests of ideas: Contest “OLED design contest” 05, “You Kore” 05, “The hearth of Venice” 06, "Color designer" 07, "Harmony Cordis" 07, "Eureka aluminum" 07. From some years you/he/she has taken back his/her artistic run and in 2009 you/he/she has introduced an one man show to the APT of Marina of Mass devoted to the “Metropolis”, always in the same year and in the following 2010 you/he/she has exposed artistic Art to the review in the art to the Castle Malaspina of Mass, you/he/she has participated in the collective show of Painting, sculpture and comic strip to Livorno in the suggestive center of the “The Loots of the oil” and to the collective Images of Carrara “foreshortenings and outskirtses” organized by the association Artists of the Suburb, of which have taken care of the the graphic project of the catalog of the works and the publications of advertising diffusion of the demonstration.
In the intent to deepen the poetic artistic and the stylistic search related to the works of the last years Mark introduces this new series of paintings devoted to the “City”, in which prevails unlike the preceding works a more cheerful formal aspect decidedly and optimist.